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We obtain media coverage — digital and traditional — in the market where you need a presence. We deliver on this most frequent of comments: “I want to be out there.” We’ve gained millions of dollars in free publicity for clients who want to promote themselves, their company and products. Our specialty is taking “unknown” experts or specialists and turning them into recognized experts. We understand how to connect your firm with the media influencers in your industry. A brief conversation is the next step to gaining the publicity your company deserves. Contact us.

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Editorial Consulting

Website copy, e-newsletter, magazine, webinar, speeches…

It was editorial. Now, it’s content. Still the same: words that work — for you. Words that touch readers, stir reaction and move them to act. It’s the powerful, emotion-driven, fact-based content that finds you clients, promotes your message and sells product. The copy we supply is tight, bright and attention-grabbing. It leaves your audience thinking, “I need this,” allowing us to nudge them toward the direction or action you want. 

A final word. What does our writing really do? We write on your behalf, to quote Richard Bayan, with “heart, personality and conviction.” Try us. 


Press Release

We have 1,637,270 (worldwide) media contacts. Honest, it’s in our database. We offer a complete press release service for those who are interested in hiring a public relations firm only for a specific campaign or have a limited budget.

We will write or distribute your press release on a local, regional or national level. For the specific services, send an email to:, and we'll send you our price sheet. Tell us your story and we’ll do the work for you.




Need a simple, effective and entertaining speaker that breaks down how to get free publicity? Our Publicity for Profit Seminars is an information bonanza. Your attendees will leave with the ability to:

· Pitch an idea that grabs a journalist’s attention.

· Eliminate the No-Nos that most press releases contain: Example: We are pleased to announce… Why don’t you just announce it?

· How to become a recognized expert in your field.

· Get the journalist to use the quote you want when interviewed.



 The book. Some people want to get publicity for themselves because they prefer doing it themselves. We offer the best book on publicity that you'll find. (Proof? If you buy the book and it doesn’t deliver, return it for a full refund, no questions asked.) We lay bare the secrets pros use every day for media coverage. Order  Wacky Days: How to Get Millions of $$$ in Free Publicity by Creating a "Real" Holiday & Other Tactics Used by Media Experts.

The founder of PerićPR wrote Wacky Days: How to Get Millions of $$$ in Free Publicity by Creating a “Real” Holiday & Other Tactics Used by Media Experts. Is it really a great book on getting publicity for yourself. 

Wacky Days


It's a Saturday afternoon in January; I am in a hotel room in Houston, Texas. And instead of enjoying a sunny South Texas afternoon (The temperature is 78 here compared to 28 back home in Iowa), I am sitting in this room glued to your book Wacky Days!

I have never had a book produce instant results for me and my business. I started reading your book on Thursday, and this email illustrates a few of the results. I only wish our paths would have crossed two years ago. Normally I am a fast reader, but with your book, I find myself breaking after each chapter to write another e-mail to a client or potential editor. 

You are awesome. I want to try figure out how to try get together with you on a speaking gig. When I finish, I plan to pass your book on to a friend at St. Ambrose University (Davenport, Iowa). It should be required reading for every marketing student. 

Thanks again. 

Frank E. Hurtte. 

River Heights Consulting

226 Hillcrest, 

Davenport, Iowa 52803 


The above note is an unsolicited email.

For more about Wacky Days: How to Get Millions of $$$ in Free Publicity by Creating a "Real" Holiday & Other Tactics Used by Media Experts email:

PerićPR — The Background

Tom Perić, the founder of PerićPR, attended the American University on several academic scholarships, earning a degree in Communications and History in 1977.

After graduating, he worked as a journalist in Washington, D.C., until moving to his hometown of Cleveland in 1990, where he continued to work as an award-winning reporter and editor on several daily newspapers and magazines. These included The Akron Beacon Journal and The Morning Journal, where he served as business editor.

He left journalism and became communications manager for tourism for the Greater Cleveland Convention and Visitors Bureau in 1995. He resigned after one year to start his own firm, PerićPR (originally Galileo Communications Inc.), and moved his company to Cherry Hill, New Jersey, in 2000.

Public Relations

PerićPR focuses on public relations and editorial consulting. Tom’s public relations clients have included one of the largest architectural companies in Ohio and the largest transporter of bulk fuel in the United States. He also represents PCS, one of the fastest-growing IT firms on the East Coast; the Carpenter Contractor Trust, the marketing arm of the nearly 40,000-member union carpenters, and The St. Onge Co., an international Supply Chain & Logistics consulting firm. Tom is the author of the highly acclaimed Wacky Days How to Get Millions of $$$ in Free Publicity and Other Tactics Used by Media Experts. The book had a 3,000-copy run with 30 unsold copies remaining. 

Editorial Consulting

On the editorial side, he was the only editor in the United States who focused his publications strictly on wholesalers in the HVACR industry. He was the founding editor of HVACR Distribution Business magazine from 1998 to July 2014. He then became editor of HARDI’s official publication, Distribution Center, until December 2017. He worked on the print and digital side of both magazines. He regularly writes blogs — not under his byline — for businesspeople and politicians.

Tom Perić spends his free time with his family, reading and training. He speaks fluent Croatian, is the author/editor of several books on martial arts and expects to complete his third book, Martial Arts: The Lessons in 2019. He is the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation’s World Master 11th-ranked jiu-jitsu fighter in the world (in his age, skill level and weight category). Tom is the IBJJF’s 2017 World Master champion in his division (middleweight) and in 2018 was a double bronze winner (middleweight and open weight). He expects to regain his title in August 2019 at the world championships in Las Vegas.

Tom lives in Haddonfield, New Jersey. His wife, Cheryl Federline, is currently an AP Spanish high school teacher, a Fulbright scholar and a former legislative director for two U.S. congressmen. Their son, Andrew, is a doctoral candidate in microbiology at Yale. 


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